Unveiling our new telehealth technology – Vision by Visionflex

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Find a comfy seat, pour a refreshing beverage, and get ready to turn on those smart devices… In a world first, Visionflex is unveiling its latest cutting-edge telehealth technology this weekend, on the 10 Network’s Australia by Design Innovations TV series.

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During this weekend’s episode, Dr Meg McKeown puts Visionflex’s revolutionary new Vision Telehealth Platform through its paces. 

In her role as Director of Medical Services with Moreton Group Medical Services in Tasmania, Dr McKeown provides medical care to homeless people. For the first time, Vision allows her to connect remotely via high-speed video, with multiple doctors and patients across the community, or around the world.

Check out our behind-the-scenes shots from Australia by Design of Dr McKeown using Vision to care for her patients.

Unveiling our new telehealth technology – Vision

Unlike traditional video conferencing platforms, Vision is specifically designed for a healthcare setting.

Vision’s unique, high-speed video conferencing features mean that for the first time, multiple doctors, nurses, and patients can simultaneously participate in a remote video consultation and, in real time, share screen access to vital patient data including blood pressure, ECG traces, temperature and blood-oxygen levels.

Doctors can use Vision’s HD video of the patient by remotely accessing a clinical camera such as an endoscope, while also viewing the macro view of the patient and nurse through a room-view PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) controllable camera.

Vision’s software automatically encrypts and securely stores patient information, including photos (eg. a detailed wound assessment, or an ECG trace) to share live with medical colleagues and store in a hospital’s secure electronic health record system (EHR).

Vision also incorporates Visionflex’s latest ground-breaking digital stethoscope tool – TrueSteth.

TrueSteth – A world first in digital stethoscope technology

TrueSteth’s innovative software means that, for the first time, a physician at the far end of a video conference call – who may be thousands of kilometres away – can remotely manipulate the controls of a stethoscope (the volume, gain, and filter settings) as if they were physically in the room with the patient.

TrueSteth reproduces stethoscope sounds with amazing accuracy and clarity and can transmit in real time, the high-fidelity sound of the heartbeat, along with a visual trace line. TrueSteth also works in low-bandwidth environments.

The system features a display panel of the stethoscope’s audio feed, with the option of three adjustable viewing modes for heart, lung, and body sounds. The visual display’s clinical data can be recorded, shared, or saved to an electronic health record system.

TrueSteth’s innovative technology helps the practitioner ensure an accurate diagnosis, improving health outcomes.

Because TrueSteth makes it possible to bring remote medical help to the point of need, it is particularly well suited to delivering healthcare in locations and settings where access is problematic. These include rural communities; retirement and aged care facilities; oil, gas, and mining sites; field health sites; military and defence; and corrective-service facilities. 

TrueSteth is also a valuable collaborative training tool for hospital registrars and medical students.

A range of digital stethoscopes can be used with TrueSteth including USB, Bluetooth and 3.5mm microphone plug connections.

So, this weekend, make sure you tune in to Australia by Design Innovations…and get voting!

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