Covid-19 – Assisting patients using Telehealth technology

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Covid-19 - Assisting patients using Telehealth technology

Assisting patients using Telehealth technology to increase efficiencies and reduce the risk of transmission.

The team at Visionflex stand ready to assist with the COVID-19 outbreak with the supply of our revolutionary telehealth technology. Production has been ramped up during this difficult period to ensure we have sufficient product to meet the needs to our customers nationwide and overseas.

Using telehealth technology to help manage the COVID-19 outbreak allows patients and health professionals to meet ‘virtually’ which greatly reduces the transmission risk of the virus and increases response times. Telehealth also allows health professionals to see more patients in any given time period which is critical in this time of limited resources and climbing infection rates. Telehealth can also assist in providing early diagnosis of the disease by connecting medical specialists to health professionals in rural and remote clinics thereby reducing travel times for these patients and improving response and treatment times dramatically. The Visionflex range of telehealth products can assist your team to reach more patients and to reduce the number of infections by helping specialists diagnose COVID-19 without the need to travel.

ProEX Telehealth Hub

The ProEX Hub allows remote health professionals to carry out a comprehensive range of medical examinations over the Telehealth link with the specialist logged into the VMR to make the diagnosis remotely. Examinations include Blood Pressure, Pulse/Oximetry, Blood Glucose, Temperature, Weight, ECG, Digital Stethoscope, Ultrasound and a range of visual examinations such as Endoscopy, Guided Catheter Insertion, General Examinations, Dental Examinations, Dermatology Exams, etc. Click here for more information on the ProEX.


The ProEX Mobile is a battery powered telehealth solution with integrated 4G connectivity. The ProEX-Mobile offers all the features of the ProEX Telehealth Hub along with a ruggedized form factor and dual battery portability. The system is ideal for travelling health professionals who might be moving between clinics or visiting patients in their homes. Click here for more information on the ProEX-Mobile

The team at Visionflex stand ready to assist our dedicated Health professionals during this difficult period.

For an overview and case numbers, visit the government website here!

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